Automotive (Car) Industry

Our protective packaging systems for the automotive industry and the production of automotive components are designed to maximize cargo security in production, processing, transport and storage. Depending on its specificity, we offer metal or non-metal straps, protective corners, film, adhesive tape, as well as a wide range of machines (automatic and manual) for laying and packing..

PACKIN - SIGNODE is a leading partner in packing various products for the automotive with bands and stretch film. When needed, the most reliable packaging can be applied in an assembly plant, in components manufacturing, or in a logistics distribution center. Wheels, components, chassis parts, tools and spare parts must be protected and packaged at the highest possible level to avoid damage and any production delays. Your products have to be delivered on time and for their packing SIGNODE has developed a wide range of packaging machines to give our customers the best possible service around the world, to avoid possible damage whle handling, transporting and storage. Our company is devoted to the needs in the production of elements for the automotive industry. To provide the right packaging systems, delivering high levels of productivity and reducing production costs, we have been working with our partners in this industry for many years.

Our company is structured to provide an effective response to our customers' needs with full understanding of our high responsibility. We are proud of our partners' investment in the research and in the development of new packaging products for this industry, from manual machines, machines for packing with an operator, to fully automated packaging machines, machines that combine reliable electronics, integrated software, and self-diagnostic capabilities to ensure fast and reliable work. Our packaging systems include our experience, personnel, equipment, consumables and full warranty and post warranty service - an approach that provides our customers with one supplier for everything they need.