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Frequently asked questions

What are my warranty conditions for professionally used tools?

The warranty of machines for professional use is 1 year. We perform warranty and out-of-warranty services. Within the city of Sofia and the city of Plovdiv, a site visit is performed by our technician. For other cities, machines that are not oversized need to be sent by courier. 

What is the difference between a spare part and a consumable?

Consumables are needed for the operation of a machineit is spent for a certain time and is replacedThe spare part is an element of a machine that is subject to replacement in case of breakage or wear. 

Do you have minimum order quantity requirements?

The minimum quantity for the pump is only for the metal fiber tape, which is one shelf. We can set a pre-determined exact price, because the weight on one shelf is between 45 kg. and 50 kg.

What payment methods do you accept?

In cashby bank transfer and in advance with a pro forma invoiceMore information about payment can be found atDelivery and payment

How can I be sure that my order has been accepted?

We always confirm the order by phone. 

What should I do in case I want to make a complaint?

You can contact us by email or phone – Contacts

What is the shipping cost?

The price of the delivery is determined by the choice of the companywhether it will be paid to the office or to the office of the companyas the size and weight of the shipment. 

Can I print a logo on the tape?


What is stretch film?

Highly stretchable, elastic plastic tape. For more information on the types of stretch film: What you need to know about the product stretch film? 

What is pre-stretched film?

Intercept means that the palletizing foil is pre-stretched. For more information: What is pre-stretching and when is it needed? 

What foil, strap,… .. would you recommend me to use for my specific needs?

We consult the client according to the specific need, please contact us for more information  Contacts.

Can I pick up the ordered products on the spot from you?

 It is not possible at the moment.

I confused the invoice details. What should I do?

Contact our employee at the indicated contact phone: +359 2 854 9022

What is the warranty period of the machines?

The warranty period of the machines is 1 year.

Can I add additional products to an order already placed?

Yes, you can contact our employee on the indicated contact phone: +359 2 854 9022

How can I cancel part or all of an order?

By contacting our employee on the specified contact phone: +359 2 854 9022

What are the conditions for free delivery?

You receive free delivery for orders over BGN 100, with the exception of heavy and oversized products. Please note that in the page of each product it is specified whether it is heavy or oversized.

How to place an order through the site?
  1. Select products and add them to your shopping cart with the “Add to cart” button. 


2. Open your cart.

3. If that’s all you want to orderclick the Proceed to checkout button. 


4. If you want the desired quantity or add more products to your quantitypress the “Update cart” button. 

5. Add the required data in all required fields.

6. Familiarize yourself with the general terms and conditions of the sitethen click the Place order” button.

7. Your order is complete.


How do I make an “Quote” through the site?

The “Quote ” button is active and visible only to users who have a registered company. 

1. Select products and add them to your quote cart with the “Quote” button. 

2. Open your cart. 

3.Add the required data in all required fieldsthen click the “Place Quote” button.


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