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Hot melt tape

The Hot Melt tape consists of a polypropylene base and a hot-melted adhesive layer.

Хот мелт тиксо Пакин

 Features and Benefits of Hot Melt Tapes:

A cost-effective solution that is particularly suited for use in high volume applications;

– Има способността бързо да отделя адхезива, което улеснява прилагането му;

– Has the ability to quickly release the adhesive, which facilitates its application;

– Hot Melt Tapes are one of the most widely used, because of they are tight, reliable and fast bonding;

– It does not tear, but is susceptible to splitting and injury. Requires significant pressure when used to achieve the desired result.

– The adhesive layer has good behavior under severe temperature conditions, such as cold storage.

– This type of tape quickly attaches to the surface and offers high elasticity. This makes it the best choice to transport cargos.

– Hot melt tape provides excellent adhesion to corrugated cardboard boxes and the most common packaging. It is also resistant to tearing, rubbing and exposure to some chemicals. This makes it one of the best choices for bulky packaging, rough surfaces and angles.

PACKIN can offer you a variety of high-quality self-adhesive tapes, for manual and machine applications in different sizes and colours. For more information and assistance on tape selection, contact our specialists.