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Machine film

Machine stretch film protects palletized and combined loads by improving their stability during transportation, transportation and storage.

photo of Machine stretch film

As an exclusive representative of Signode Industrial Group for Bulgaria, PACKIN presents on the Bulgarian market the films produced by MIMA films.
PACKIN is also the only representative of the German stretch film maker Manupackaging.

We can offer you a wide range of machine stretch films for automatic and semi-automatic pallet packing machines. There is a product range in our product line of different lengths and sizes to meet the needs of each stage of packaging.

Manupackaging Films are tear resistant, with a high degree of  adhesion, stretching and flexibility – indicators that are very important to reduce packing costs.

It is of the utmost importance that the films be:

– resistant to tearing and puncture during transport,

– have a high degree of adherence and adhesion,

– Excellent appearance thanks to optimal transparency

– to avoid unwanted sticking of the product to the film

– absolutely watertight;

– 100% recyclable, no additives and comply with all European waste management directives

We can deliver a diverse range of such products to ensure the integrity and security of your products.

Turning to our sales representatives you will get consulting which machine film to choose, which is the best price for you.

Most customers pay attention to the price per kilogram. Is it the best decision when making your choice?

No, this may not give you the overall picture. Machine stretch films can be varied in types and densities. Depending on what raw materials are used in their production, the end result is a varied manifestation of their characteristics. That is why it is extremely important to understand what is your number of packed goods and what will be the pallet price at packaging your product. If you concentrate only on the price of film, you may be wrong. Only if you look from this perspective, you you really have a real idea of ​​what your spending will be. 

Our specialists have the knowledge and skills to offer you integrated solutions including equipment and consumables to ensure optimal pallet stability with minimal, constant and controllable flm consumption.