Machines for packaging table type and table with frame type

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Machine with frame Signode MOD-GPX

Machines for packaging table type and table with frame type

Table tyer is a semi-automatic machine meant for non-metallic strap . It is suitable for low to moderate volume users. Simplified electronics makes operation easy and trouble-free.

The TTX is a semi-auromatic strapping system for low volume users. Its simple open cabinet, bottom seal desin makes it ideal for strapping bundles, cartons or coiled products. The strip length and the tensioning force can be adjusted.

HBX series machines are semi-automatic and automatic and are used in both low and high-capacity units. They are distinguished by specific functions for different industries. The automatic machines can be integrated into production lines.

The LBX series machines are designed for high production capacities. Used in the food industry. They are made of stainless steel and are corrosion resistant. They are also available in automatic and semi-automatic versions.

The MOD- GPXs are semi-automatic and automatic and feature the fastest possible speed, high reliability and minimal maintenance. Functions like non-lubrication, automatic cut-off and refeed make it one of the best in its class

Pacaking table Table tyer

Pacaking table Пакин TTX

Pacaking table with frame PACKIN HBX

Pacaking table with frame Signode HBX

Table with frame Packin LBX