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Manual film

Hand application  stretch film is suitable for use in all industries – logistics, manufacturing, trade, etc.

They are used to pack packages, boxes, pallets and more.


As an exclusive representative of Signode Industrial Group for Bulgaria, PACKIN presents on the Bulgarian market the films produced by MIMA films.PACKIN is also the only representative of the German stretch film maker Manupackaging.

These films are used to manually secure cargo during loading and their storage. Designed to increase stability and reduce the risk of damage to the product, they are a must-have solution when packing in a number of industries. Handhelds offer excellent load retention force and high puncture resistance, preventing it from shifting during transport.

They provide high traction and stabilization of loads, both when they are homogeneous and when they are heterogeneous.

Advantages of manual stretch film:

– manual stretch rolls are lighter and shorter than machine tools, allowing for easy user use

– Suitable for low usage

– no special equipment and machines are required

– there is no requirement for high packing speed

We can offer films of different widths and thickness of the film


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