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Самозалепващи ленти ( Тиксо )

The acrylic tape consists of a polypropylene base and a water based acrylic adhesive.

This is an inexpensive solution for mass use, such as sealing boxes. It does not tear, but it is susceptible to splitting and its integrity can be disturbed by external impact.


Features and Benefits of Acrylic Tapes:

– The appearance of the acrylic tape does not change visibly with time or exposure to sunlight. Recommended for use in spring / summer months when temperatures are positive. At low temperatures this tape does not stick well;

– Acrylic tapes have excellent resistance to aggressive effects as well as moisture, acids, chemicals, bases, oils, abrasion and erosion;

– At the same time, they are very suitable for bonding materials with thermal surface, cooling elements, components in the electronics industry;

– Very suitable for connecting luminous ice strips, fixing elements on the back of light displays and many other applications;

PACKIN can offer you a variety of high-quality self-adhesive tapes, for manual and machine applications in different sizes and colours. For more information and assistance on tape selection, contact our specialists