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Стреч фолио

PACKIN offers a wide variety of stretch films – machine, manual and pre-stretch


What is pre-stretching?

Pre-stretching is a process where the palletizing stretch film is pre-stretched. It can replace the standard stretch film. Films for pre-stretch  is extremely strong and resistant to tearing. The pre-stretched film fits snugly against the load and maintains its stretching force, thanks to which the load is always tight.

Why use Pre-stretch foil?


When the film stretches, its tensile strength increases considerably – it becomes twice as strong as it once passes its point of permanent deformation.

Film memory

The memory of the film makes it want to return to his original form. But the more you stretch in advance, the more this memory decreases, which is why the double stretch does not work. When the film is placed effortlessly on the load, minutes later it is observed that it is stretched due to its elastic memory as it tries to return to its original state. It is precisely this film memory – like a ribbing around the wrist – is what distinguishes stretch films from other packing ways. The leakage observed during transport may cause loosening in other methods where the stretch film memory assumes this relaxation and continues to hold the load. It is this memory that is one of the most important reasons to use pre-stretched films.

Saving money

One of the most important and attractive advantages of pre-stretched film is the price. Expenses on consumables – the film is considerably reduced compared to standard stretch film wrapping, which is not stretched in advance. This in turn leads to a significant reduction in the cost of ecotax payments, and hence to the lower cost of packed products. They are also lighter, which also reduces the cost of their transportation.

Losses are reduced

Workers are often unable to reach the full potential of the standard calibrated stretch film. Achieving the maximum stretch level is a major factor when using this product. Maximum stretching helps to stabilize loads, but also helps to make full use of the film. Users using standard stretch film that reach the maximum stretch potential at each turn can cause the film roll to be used much longer than users who can not do that. This is also one of the main advantages of pre-stretched film. It is already stretched to its maximum potential. This ensures that most of the foil roll will be used.

Pre-stretch film

PACKIN offers manual and machine pre-stretch film

Manual pre-stretch film

406 mm

585 mm

45 kg

Machine Pre-stretch film

406 mm

vary from 595 mm to 685 mm

50 kg

Stretching regularity

Stretching, which results from the use of force and tension, does not provide uniform stretching, and so there is no possibility of having the same behaviour day by day. This can lead to periodic load problems. Since pre-stretching can be better controlled, it is more desirable in most cases, thus maximizing stretching before and minimizing stretching after.

Reducing fatigue and injuries to workers.

When standard stretch film is used, the worker should pull strongly to reach the full stretch potential. As a result, it can easily be tired as it has to go back and apply the film.

This fatigue can lead to accidents and injuries. When the foil is stretched beforehand, the worker can apply it by moving forward and without having to stretch at all.