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Speaking about packaging machines we refer to machines that are used for packaging and ensuring the strength and safety of boxes, cartons, pallets, etc. The “packaging” activity is very important from the point of view of preventing the pollution or injury of the concerned means of transport. If this activity is carried out properly, the safety of the transported products and the preservation of their excellent condition over time are ensured.

Packaging machines – what are they like? 

When it comes to packaging machines, there are three main features to note. These are the packing of pallets, putting parcels together, as well as the strengthening of the packaging itself. You can secure all types of products with the help of packaging machines – from extremely fragile goods to bulky loads. The use of packaging machines leads to the creation of a secure seal that is resistant to loads and various external factors.

Packaging machines – benefits and advantages

There are several major benefits that will be generated for you and your business from replacing manual packaging with packaging machines. They include effective protection of goods from external factors, saving time and costs, as well as increased productivity. In the following lines we will tell you a little more about the mentioned advantages of staking on packaging machines:

  • effective protection of goods – when manually packing pallets, certain errors and inconsistencies can often be made. While when using packaging machines, everything is as accurate and precise as possible. By investing in packaging machines, you will ensure effective protection of the goods, as well as eliminate the risk of tearing or loosening of their packaging.
  • saving time – needless to say that when using packaging machines, the packaging process is much faster than when manually performing individual activities. Automating the process will save your employees a significant amount of time within which they could deal with other business tasks and responsibilities.
  • cost savings – in addition to time, you will save costs when using packaging machines. Semi-automatic and automatic packaging machines lead to lower film costs, which is undoubtedly a relief for the business in terms of packaging activity.
  • increased productivity at work – each company strives for increased productivity or more work per unit time. This is a competitive advantage that puts it ahead of other companies in the industry. Apart from the fact that the activity is performed faster, the use of packaging machines ensures the continuity of the work process, as the operators do not have to wait for the beginning and the end of the packaging cycles.

What are the types of packaging machines?

  • Automatic packaging machines – They have high productivity, but also require significant investment, so they are very suitable for large-volume production lines. Only with one smooth movement, automatic packaging machines tighten the package, sealing and cutting the packaging tape according to the size set by the operator.
  • Semi-automatic packaging machines – They are available on the market at a lower price and are usually applied in relatively small-volume production. They also seal and cut the packaging tape in one motion, although this also requires the participation of the operator who needs to feed the tape.
  • Manual packaging machines are the smallest, lightest and most hassle-free portable packaging machines. This is a good option if you don’t have space for a larger car or you need to link items in different places. Manual packaging machines seal and cut quickly and efficiently, and can be pre-programmed to set a specific tension force.

How do these types of packaging machines work?

Automatic packaging machines – Once fit and set, automatic packaging machines are extremely fast and easy to use. Once you have set the voltage, simply place a package on the machine and press the appropriate button to start the packaging process. The whole process is done automatically and immediately after its completion, the package is ready for shipment.

Semi-automatic packaging machines –  As we have already mentioned, the packaging process is not so complicated, but it takes a little more time than in the automatic ones. This is mainly due to the need for the participation of the operator who has to submit the packing tape. The remaining activities are performed automatically by the machines.

Manual packaging machines–  They work in a slightly different way. The packaging tape should be wrapped around the product and then placed in the machine, which will take care of its tightening and sealing. This type of packaging machines is powered by a Li-Ion rechargeable battery, and one full charge allows them to bear up to 440 cycles.

Why buy packaging machines from PACKIN Ltd.?

PACKIN Ltd. is a company specialized in the import and distribution of machines and consumables for industrial, individual and group packaging. You can buy any type of packaging machines that are needed by your business from us. Here are some good reasons to trust PACKIN Ltd.:

Packaging machines from PACKIN Ltd.: Rich experience – thanks to the experience gained in the field of industrial packaging, PACKIN Ltd. is able to adapt in the best way to the requirements and characteristics of each business. In addition to quality and reliable packaging machines, we will also provide you with innovative approaches to help you minimize packaging costs and gain a strategic advantage over competitors.

Packaging machines from PACKIN Ltd.: Wide trade network – we have a wide trade network that allows us to serve customers efficiently and in a timely manner from all parts of the country. We also have a maintenance team, which is always at your disposal in case of a problem or irregularity.

Packaging machines from PACKIN Ltd.: Service for warranty and post-warranty period – Buying packaging machines from PACKIN Ltd., you will guarantee yourself professional service for the entire warranty and post-warranty period. If necessary, we are able to provide you with spare parts that come directly from the manufacturer of the respective packaging machines.

Packaging machines from PACKIN Ltd. – guarantee the security and reliable protection of your products!

Packaging machines – what are they like?
Packaging machines – benefits and advantages
What are the types of packaging machines?
How do these types of packaging machines work?
Why buy packaging machines from PACKIN Ltd.?


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