Stretch film wrapping machines

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    Pallet wrapping machine – character and significance

    Packaging may be the last (and often overlooked) step in the manufacturing process, but the results create the first impression of your product for the customer. Therefore, it is important to pay due attention to this process and take care of its most effective solution. Quality and reliable packaging will protect your pallets from dust, moisture, and other potential minor damage. In general, packing pallets with the stretch film is not such a complicated task, but when done manually, there are often certain faults and) inaccuracies. In manual packaging, the quality depends exclusively on the operator, which makes it uncertain and unstable over time. Therefore, most companies find it better to invest in machines for pallet packaging or the so-called pallet wrapping machine.

    Benefits and advantages of using pallet wrapping machine

    The pallet wrapping machine will help you and make the daily packing of parcels, boxes, pallets, and other means used to store or transport your products much easier. Here are the main benefits and advantages you would get from buying an automatic or semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine:

    1. If you have got a pallet wrapping machine, you will protect your goods from dust, damage, and moisture. When using a reliable pallet wrapping machine, you will ensure that your goods are efficiently and securely packed and there is no danger of tearing or loosening the package itself. This will avoid potential damage associated with excessive dusting, wetting, or damage to the palletized products.
    2. If you have got a pallet wrapping machine, you will save time – by investing in a pallet wrapping machine, you will save your employees significant packaging time in the long run. In addition to being of uncertain quality over time, manual wrapping of pallets and cardboard boxes with stretch film takes too much time, which can be used for other activities and tasks.
    3. If you have got a pallet wrapping machine, you will be able to save a lot of money. Yes, the pallet wrapping machine will help you save not only time but money too. Compared to manual packaging, semi-automatic and automatic pallet wrapping machines lead to significantly lower outgo of the film (foil). In pallet wrapping machines with a pre-stretch device, two groups of rollers are generally used, and the rotation speed of the second group is higher. Thanks to this, and according to the pallet wrapping machine settings and the film specification, the film is stretched to the maximum possible, thus using the full capabilities of modern, high-tech stretch films and, of course, reducing the overall costs that the business incurs for packaging goods.
    4. If you have got a pallet wrapping machine, you will be able to pack considerably faster – in intensive production, the need to fulfill large orders within extremely short deadlines often arises. You will find it quite difficult to do this if your company relies on manual packaging. Automatic pallet wrapping machines, which also have the option of multiple different settings, will speed up the palletizing process considerably and ensure that even larger orders can be completed in a short time.
    5. If you have got a pallet wrapping machine, you will be much more efficient in packing your pallets. When you use a semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine or an automatic pallet wrapping machine with a stretch film pre-stretching device, you could ensure excellent efficiency and consistency in the palletizing process. Efficiency and consistency that you can’t achieve with manual pallet wrapping because there are inevitably many changeable – the degree of stretch film stretch, the degree of tightness of the pallet itself, the number of wraps per pallet, and some other factors that have a direct relation to the overall quality of your pallet wrapping process.
    6. If you have a pallet wrapping machine, you will have much higher productivity – this means significantly more work done per unit time. Each company strives to increase the productivity of its employees in order to create a competitive priority over other companies in the industry. One of the easy solutions in this aspect is to invest in a pallet wrapping machine with the indispensable characteristics for your business. Thanks to the pallet wrapping machine, the production process will run much more smoothly, your pallets will always look the same, and they will always be perfectly secured for a smooth arrival to the next warehouse – that of your customers, or their customers.

    As you can see, automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine will bring many advantages, regardless of the size and main activity of your business. If the benefits of investing in a pallet wrapping machine mentioned so far have aroused your curiosity, you can take a look at the pallet wrapping machine offered by PAKIN Ltd. or contact our sales team. In the following lines, you will find out why buying a pallet wrapping machine from PAKIN Ltd. is a really good solution for your business.

    Why buy a pallet wrapping machine from PAKIN Ltd.?

    PAKIN Ltd. is a company that is specialized in the import and distribution of machines and consumables for industrial, individual, and group packaging. Different kinds of pallet wrapping machines are among the types of machines that you can buy from us are. Here are some good reasons to trust PAKIN Ltd. when you need a pallet wrapping machine:

    If you plan to buy a pallet wrapping machine from PAKIN Ltd., you get our professional experience – long professional experience in the field of industrial packaging allows us to understand the needs and requirements of different companies and businesses. We at PAKIN Ltd. will not only provide you with the opportunity to choose a pallet wrapping machine of different classes, tailored to your budget but will also help you set up the pallet wrapping machine in the most efficient way. Our sales team will advise you on selecting the optimal stretch film for your pallet wrapping machine, according to the specific character of your loads and pallets. This will result in reduced packaging costs and increased productivity of your business. We will share our experience to help your success.

    It is easy to buy your pallet wrapping machine from PAKIN Ltd. Our commercial network is nationwide – we’ve tried to build a solid enough nationwide sales network to ensure reliable and timely deliveries of pallet wrapping machines and other packaging machinery, as well as all the necessary packaging supplies to the widest possible range of businesses, no matter where your warehouse is located in Bulgaria. Our technical service team is also always available to help the customer with anything they need. We, at PAKIN Ltd., consider our customers as our most valuable partners and it is of primary importance to us to help them as much as possible with our experience and knowledge.

    With the purchase of a pallet wrapping machine from PAKIN Ltd. you receive technical service for the warranty and post-warranty period of operation. Last but not least, we offer professional service for the entire warranty and post-warranty period of the pallet wrapping machines purchased by you. If you need spare parts for the pallet wrapping machines, the team of PAKIN Ltd. is again ready to help you. We have trusted partners of all our machine suppliers. PAKIN Ltd. will provide you with spare parts for your pallet wrapping machine, directly from the respective manufacturer at competitive prices.

    Pallet wrapping machine from PAKIN Ltd. – for reliable protection of your products and excellent results of your business!
    Pallet wrapping machiner – character, and significance
    Benefits and advantages of using pallet wrapping machine
    Why buy a pallet wrapping machine from PAKIN Ltd.?