Production of corrugated paper

Machines for packaging of corrugated paper are designed to increase availability and reduce congestion. Our wide range of equipment and straps, including stretch film, is ideal for a large variety of corrugated paper products.

Constructed with components that integrate well with any known production lines in the industry, our machines can be installed in your main assembly line quickly and effectively, without having to be at the expense of the interruption of your workflow.

Our engineers and our sales consultants will help you design the optimal packaging system tailored to your particular needs.

To ensure a smooth and seamless manufacturing process in the production of corrugated paper, the strapping should be of the highest quality. We can offer packing machines that wrap small packs or larger units of high strength, without deforming the corrugated paper.

In addition, we can offer you perfect complementary strapping lines that cover all your pallet packing needs. We have the experience and the knowledge to meet all the requirements of the entire corrugated paper and cardboard manufacturing industry covering all applications:


  • Straps
  • Strapping of pallets
  • Packing of pallets
  • Manual strapping tools