Delivery methods 

How can you receive the goods you ordered? 

Packin offers its customers several ways to receive their orders.

Delivery directly to your home or office. The services of courier companies Econt, Speedy, Transpress or company transport are used for deliveries. 

Транспорт с Пакин
Транспорт със Спиди Пакин
Транспорт с Транспрес Пакин
Транспорт с Еконт Пакин
    • Orders placed before 14:00 are processed on the same day. 
    • Orders placed after 14:00 are processed the next business day.
    • When placing an order, our employee will contact you for confirmation.
    • The delivery time is determined depending on the delivery address and the size of the selected product.
    • In case of delay, you will be notified in a timely manner.

Shipping fee

    • When ordering a value greater than BGN 100, you receive FREE delivery! Exceptions are some heavy and / or oversized goods that are explicitly mentioned and marked.
    • In case of an order of less than BGN 100, the delivery is at your expense. The price of delivery is determined by the courier.
    • In case of FREE delivery, Pakin company determines with which courier company the goods will be delivered.


Payment methods

Pakin offers its customers the following ways to pay for their orders: to the courier upon delivery or by bank transfer.

    • Payment to the courier upon delivery of the goods. You pay the amount due upon receipt by the courier company, which issues a receipt for a postal transfer, which is a legally recognized document replacing the receipt.
    • Payment by bank transfer. You have the opportunity to pay for the goods you ordered by bank transfer. The products you order will be shipped as soon as the bank transfer is confirmed.

  • BANK: Eurobank Bulgaria AD
    IBAN: BG32BPBI79421018926601
  • BANK: UniCredit Bulbank AD
    IBAN: BG62UNCR70001521774336