PACKIN Ltd. specializes in the import and distribution of machines and consumables for industrial, individual and group packaging.

Representative of SIGNODE Industrial Group.
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We supply a wide range of metal and plastic strapping, hand tools, edge protectors, stretch film equipment and consumables as well as standard and custom-designed equipment.

PACKIN LTD. offers specific solutions for each industry, automated production lines, pneumatic, electric and manual strapping machines, films, adhesive tape, individual and group packages.

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The qualification and flexibility of our employees is the most valuable resource for the company. Good products and solutions are fundamental to meet the needs of our customers.

Focus and decentralization of the company

Our employees have great autonomy. The role of our head office is to carry out corporate, strategic planning and goal-setting as well as support the various departments. Daily sharing ideas between colleagues keeps us all focused on achieving our only goal of highest customer satisfaction.

Staying close to the client

Coordination makes our organization more flexible and our employees more responsive. This allows each PACKIN LTD. employee to be closer to our clients and to promote creative and entrepreneurial approaches to doing business.

Identifying opportunities

н By applying the 80/20 principle to all of our business processes, we are able to focus on developing, marketing and selling the projects that offer the greatest growth opportunities for us, as well as the best new products and technologies for our customers..

Simplification of the business

Keeping our business and our processes simple, our employees spend less time creating bureaucracy, in return for which they spend more time on serving our clients' needs..

Service department

Our service is directed entirely to our customers. Considering the base, to the implementation of initiatives corresponding to their needs, we are committed to finding ways to exceed their expectations. Maintenance is not a supplement for us.
1Service center

We have the technical opportunity to carry out repairs and maintenance, which will allow your machines to work seamlessly. We know your straps and films packing systems are an essential part of your packaging process. That is why minimizing the time when they are not in use is our top priority.


We can offer you consultants who, together with our engineers, are able to develop the logical and optimal packaging solutions, tailored to your individual needs. We strive to offer packaging technology to support the production process as much as possible.

3Installing and bringing into service

We offer fast and cost-effective installation service. Take advantage of our extensive experience and our long-term, quality-assuring expertise in packing technology. Qualified technicians will be at your disposal, so that everything can be done as planned.

4Technical service and maintenance

To ensure high reliability of your machines and systems, we offer inspection and service support, tailored to your operating schedule. This helps to optimize production costs. We can deliver spare parts in minimum time limit, which guarantees their short-term delivery to you.