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Lumber industry

PAKIN is a supplier of steel straps and protective packaging systems for sawmills and related wood products. Together with the steel straps, we also offer plastic, which provides obvious advantages in certain specific applications.

НOur protective packaging systems for the lumber industry are focused on the material that fully protects the cargoes during transfer, transportation and storage - metal or plastic straps. While plastic straps have been designed to protect goods for more than a hundred years, recent technological inventions have paved the way for high-strength polyester strapping materials.

Polyester strapping has proven to have obvious advantages over metal in many specific cases of wood packing.

However, before moving from steel strapping to polyester, our specialist should assess your specific needs. They can help you decide which options are best for you, by analyzing your needs and recommend effective long-term cost-saving solutions for your production.

Regardless of the material you choose for strapping, we can offer you a full range of tools, equipment and accessories for an integral packaging system.