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Protective packaging materials

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    Why does your business need quality packaging materials?

    Nowadays, more and more companies and businesses are paying attention to the packaging materials they use for their products. The quality of the applicable packaging materials is of great importance to ensure proper storage of the products, as well as their safety during transport. Depending on your specific needs and requirements, you could choose from a wide range of packaging materials – cardboard boxes, foils, duct tape, etc. In addition, you will realize why the purchase of packaging materials from PACKIN Ltd. is the optimal solution for you on the market.

    What are the main types of packaging materials?

    Types of packaging materials: Cartons – when it comes to packaging materials, we can’t help starting with the boxes. Especially popular lately are the corrugated cardboard boxes, providing reliable storage and transportation of a wide range of products. Corrugated cardboard gives excellent strength and stability to these packaging materials and at the same time ensuring the optimal ratio between strength and weight. Not only protecting the products from damage, the cartons could be reused by the recipient. The only disadvantage of cartons as packaging materials is the risk of deformation under extremely heavy loads, as well as the lack of water resistance.

    Types of packaging materials: The self-adhesive tape (Duct tape) – is also among the important packaging materials, without which reliable deliveries would be quite difficult to achieve. In most cases, it is absolutely necessary when using cartons, boxes, envelopes and other similar means of transporting the products. There are numerous types and forms under which duct tape is marketed. We recommend that you look at the different options and choose the one that would best fit the products you offer and also considering the delivery process.

    Types of packaging materials: Stretch film (foil) – The stretch film is really a highly stretchable film, for the manufacture of which is usually used linear low-density polyethylene plastic. There are several advantages of stretch film, compared to other packaging materials. On the one hand, it is able to wrap itself around the given objects so to protect them to the maximum extent during transportation. On the other hand, there are types of stiffer stretch film, especially suitable for storing and carrying objects with sharp edges and elements. There are four types of stretch film very popular among consumers. These are cast stretch film, blown stretch film, pre-stretch film, as well as baled stretch film, which are used mainly in agriculture.
    Types of packaging materials: Bubble wrap – you must have seen the packaging materials in this category. We call bubble wrap the famous packaging materials with bubbles, which are quite effective and amusing at the same time. Important feature is that this foil is thicker than most other packaging materials, and that the bubbles have the ability to absorb shock on impact. These properties provide the highest degree of protection during transportation and do not allow breaking or crushing of the object. The low price and reusability are additional advantages of the bubble wrap over other packaging materials. Benefits that lead to a serious reduction in costs for you in terms of packaging activities.

    Types of packaging materials: Heat-shrinkable film – – heat-shrinkable film is a special category of packaging materials. In order to obtain packaging materials of this type, it is necessary to heat the ordinary heat-shrinkable film by means of the so-called heat tunnel or by electric or gas heat gun. The heating achieved by the mentioned methods leads to the catalysis of the respective packaging materials and to their tight wrapping around the product. The result is a strong and lasting protection that the secures the product from injury and preserves its excellent shape for a long time. The types of packaging materials in this category, to choose from, are PVC heat-shrinkable film, polyphelin and polyethylene heat-shrinkable foil.

    Reasons to buy packaging materials from PACKIN Ltd

    PACKIN Ltd is a company specializing in the import and distribution of machines and consumables for industrial, individual and group packaging. We are able to offer you the highest quality and reliable packaging materials on the market that will bring significant benefits to your business. Here are a few good reasons to buy the necessary packaging materials precisely from PACKIN Ltd.:

    Packaging materials from PACKIN Ltd.: Guaranteed quality
    – relying on PACKIN Ltd., you will certainly receive packaging materials of the highest quality. We are exclusive representatives for Bulgaria of Signode and Manuli – the world’s leading brands in the field of packaging. Brands that have proven the quality and reliability of their packaging materials, as well as the usefulness they bring to consumers and companies.

    Packaging materials from PACKIN LTD. : Diverse product range – PACKIN Ltd. offers on the Bulgarian market a diverse range of packaging materials. Packaging materials that will meet the needs and requirements of companies and businesses in various fields. Whether you are looking for cartons, tape or foils for packaging your products, PACKIN Ltd. is the right choice for you.

    Packaging materials from PACKIN LTD.: Professional experience – PACKIN Ltd. has a long professional experience in the field of industrial packaging. We know how to best meet the requirements of each business. In addition to premium packaging materials, we will also provide you with useful tips and practices to reduce the costs associated with the packaging process. Successful implementation of the last task would guarantee you a serious competitive advantage over the other companies in the industry.

    Packaging materials from PACKIN Ltd.: Wide trade network we, from PACKIN Ltd., have built a wide trade network, covering the whole territory of the country. A commercial network that allows each client to obtain the necessary packaging materials in the fastest and most effective way. We also have a maintenance team that is always available to customers. The team of PACKIN Ltd. accepts its clients as most valuable partner and does not hesitate to use its experience and qualification to assist them as much as possible in achieving the identified business goals and results.

    Packaging materials from PACKIN Ltd. – a guarantee for the safety and for the reliable protection of your products!

    What are the main types of packaging materials?
    What are the main types of packaging materials?
    Reasons to buy packaging materials from PACKIN Ltd