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    Bubble wrap 

    Nature and origin of the bubble wrap

    We call bubble wrappers, which are used to pack a wide range of items. Popular and demanded nowadays, their creation actually happened quite by accident. In the middle of the last century, the inventors Mark Chavannes and Alfred Fielding tried to create their own concept for three-dimensional plastic wallpapers. Their experience ended in а complete fiasco, but on the other hand a product with great future has been achieved – the bubble wrap, without which we cannot imagine the sphere of packaging today.

    Which are the advantages of the bubble wrap?    

    Several are the distinctive advantages of the bubble wrap which make it a preferred choice for those who need quality and reliable packaging for their products. Starting with strong protection and applicability to any type of items, and getting to the low cost and the possibility of saving additional costs in future. Here is some more information about each of the mentioned advantages of the bubble wrap:

    Bubble wrap: Strong protection – by relying on bubble wrap, you will provide strong and reliable protection of your products. The bubble wrap is thicker than most other packaging materials, which also makes it stronger, durable and resistant for a long time. The bubble wraps themselves absorb the shock of impact to the maximum, so as not to allow breakage or crushing of the object concerned. This makes bubble wraps particularly desirable in cases of valuable and at the same time fragile objects that require highest level of protection and security during transport.

    Bubble wrap: Applicable to any type of objects – bubble wrap really can be applied to any type of object. It is perfect for packing sensitive and delicate items such as computers, laptops and other similar equipment. The strength and durability of the bubble wrap also allow it to be used for high-weight products, the transport of which in principle creates significant difficulties.

    Bubble wrap: Low cost – bubble wrap is one of the cheapest packaging materials. The low prices at which it is offered, combined with the provided optimal quality and protective properties, attracts today many consumers and businesses
    Bubble wrap: Possibility to save additional costs – in addition to the low cost, the use of bubble wrap will allow you to save additional costs. On the one hand, because of its sustainability, it can be used repeatedly and works for you for a long period of time. On the other hand, bubble wrap also saves transportation costs because it is extremely light and it is possible to simultaneously deliver a huge number of items of this category.

    Frequently asked questions about the bubble wrap

    Here are the questions, regarding the use of bubble wrap that consumers ask very often. These questions are mostly related to the differences between the various types of bubble wrap and the choice of the right one. Here’s what you should know about the due aspects:

    What size of bubble wrap should we prefer? It depends mainly on the type of products you would like to bubble wrap with it. Most types of products could also be securely packaged in bubble wrap with small bubbles. However, when it comes to more delicate and fragile objects and things, it is good to rely on large bubbles in order to ensure the necessary security.

    What are the differences between large and small bubbles? The main difference between large and small bubbles is in their softness. The large size bubbles are softer, making them suitable for delicate goods and products. At the same time, however, small bubbles are more resistant to burden. The latter must also be taken into account, as it is directly related to security and reliable protection. If you decide to wrap objects that are too heavy with a bubble wrap of large bubbles, it is possible that some of the bubbles burst due to the strong pressure. All that of course will lead to a decrease in the protective properties and to greater risk of damage of the transported product.

    Why buy bubble wrap from PACKIN Ltd ?   

    PACKIN Ltd. is a company specialized in the import and distribution of machines and consumables for industrial, individual and group packaging. Part of the packaging products we offer is the bubble wrap. Here are some good reasons to buy it from PACKIN Ltd.:
    Bubble wrap from PACKIN Ltd.: A diverse product range– PACKIN Ltd. is able to provide you with everything you need in terms of category “Bubble wrap”. We offer it of different bubble sizes and other characteristics, so that we meet the requirements of each client. No matter what type of goods or products you want to pack, relying on PACKIN Ltd. is the right solution for you.

    Bubble wrap from PACKIN Ltd.: Professional experience – PACKIN Ltd. has many years of experience in the field of professional packaging. The experience is what helps us better understand the needs and requirements of different customers and adapt our products and services to the needs and requirements of the market. Our team will provide you with not only quality and reliable bubble wraps, but also verified solutions and techniques for reducing the costs. So, it is quite obvious, that reducing the cost of any aspect of company activity gives an important advantage over competition in the business.

    PACKIN bubble wrap: Wide trade network – and last but not least, PACKIN Ltd. has a trade network covering the territory of the whole country. In addition, we supply our customers with the products they need. We also offer a maintenance team that is always at their disposal. This approach is, in fact, the main distinguishing feature between us and our competitors. We accept clients as our most valuable partners and strive to use the qualifications and experience we have gained to help them maximize the realization of the desired business success and results.

    Bubble wrap from PACKIN Ltd. – for quality and reliable protection of all your goods and products!

    Nature and origin of the bubble wrap
    Which are the advantages of the bubble wrap?
    Frequently asked questions about the bubble wrap
    Why buy bubble wrap from PACKIN Ltd.?