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Corrugated cardboard boxes – nature and meaning

The largest part of the boxes, used for storage and transportation of products nowadays, is made of corrugated cardboard. This material gives the machines the stability, durability, and longevity they need to perform their basic functions.
Most of the boxes used for storage and transport nowadays are made of corrugated cardboard. This material is resistant and durable – qualities they need to perform their basic functions.

What is the corrugated cardboard for the production of boxes like?

The essence of corrugated cardboard, from which modern cushions are made, is a laminated material with several layers. Contains at least one inner layer of captivity, folded in the form of a wave. The backing layer is glued to one or more outer layers of the cap and in this way forms a self-contained sheet in the form of a sandwich. The cappuccino leaf itself is a combination of at least three cappuccino leaves – two smooth leaves, and between them is the third corrugated cappuccino leaf. What is the corrugated cardboard for the production of boxes like?
To achieve the necessary strength during the production of the boxes, it is very important to make a precise selection of the paper. The main characteristics are the paperweight, the size of the waves, the number of layers, and the quality of the paper, used in the production process. With the help of different combinations of paper, you can get boxes with specific characteristics for a wide range of applications, which require multitasking and a stable structure.

Kinds of corrugated cardboard

Depending on the application needs, the corrugated board can be 3- and 5- layers – with the main application being the production of boxes for light and medium loads, 7- and even 9- layers for special applications – large boxes, cardboard boxes, and boxes for heavy loads.
It is very important to know that cardboard boxes are one of those packaging materials where the price has a rather direct correlation with the quality of the cardboard boxes. That is why the main criteria for choosing your cardboard boxes mustn’t be the price, but the right selection of paper, according to your needs.
To summarise, corrugated cardboard is formed of a minimum of three layers of paper – an inner lining, an outer lining, and an intermediate corrugated layer. Corrugated cardboard is widely used for the production of cardboard boxes, as it provides an excellent combination of the following characteristics:

    • Durability
    • Protection of the product
    • Rentability
    Environmental friendliness

Another reason why the use of corrugated cardboard for the production of boxes is so preferred is the reliability and convenience of transportation. The corrugated boxes are ideal for palletizing and transporting, because on the one hand, when properly designed, they are strong and durable, and on the other hand they are 100% recyclable.

Corrugated cardboard boxes – advantages and disadvantages of endurance

To better understand whether certain boxes or means of storing and transporting products meet the requirements of your business, you should take a look at them in several aspects. Part of these aspects is the durability and endurance of the corrugated cardboard boxes when carrying out the transport process itself.
Here are the advantages and disadvantages of corrugated cardboard boxes concerning this product:


    • The boxes have excellent strength and stability.
    • The corrugated cardboard boxes are also characterised by an optimal strength-to-weight ratio.
    • The boxes will provide excellent protection for the products inside from damage during transportation.


      • The boxes are not suitable for items with exceptionally high weight. If incorrect sizes of corrugated cardboard boxes are used or if the corrugated cardboard papers are not selected correctly, they could be a very unreliable means of transporting the given objects.
      • Corrugated cardboard boxes can deform when overloaded. Despite their relative strength and stability, they are sometimes susceptible to crushing, deformation, or other damage under the influence of certain external influences and conditions.
      • They are not waterproof. Corrugated cardboard boxes will not be able to resist atmospheric phenomena such as rain or snow.

Corrugated cardboard boxes – advantages and disadvantages of the closing options


      • There are many possibilities and alternatives for closing the corrugated cardboard boxes. They can be sealed in many ways – using clamps, glue, or wrapping tape /self-adhesive tape.


      • Required devices. Usually, a device for sealing corrugated cardboard boxes is necessary. You can use a manual self-adhesive tape dispenser or packing machines for closing cardboard boxes, which are much more productive but also much more expensive.

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PAKIN Ltd. is a company specialized in the import and distribution of machines and instruments for industrial, individual, and group packing. You can buy corrugated cardboard boxes, featuring the highest quality and reliability from us. Check out some good reasons to trust PAKIN Ltd. when you need corrugated card boxes for your business:

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Your card boxes from PAKIN Ltd. are closer to your expectations –  – we have tried to build a sufficiently wide network across the country to ensure reliable and timely deliveries of machines, as well as all the necessary consumables for packing of the highest range of businesses. Our team for technical service is also always available to help the client with anything he needs. We at PAKIN Ltd. consider our clients as our most valuable partners and it is of paramount importance for us to always help them with our experience and knowledge.

Cardboxes from PAKIN Ltd. – efficiency and security for your business!

Corrugated cardboard boxes – nature and meaning
КWhat is the corrugated cardboard for the production of boxes like?
Kinds of corrugated cardboard
Corrugated cardboard boxes – advantages and disadvantages of endurance
Corrugated cardboard boxes – advantages and disadvantages of the closing options
Why should you buy your products from PACKIN LTD.?