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Combination tools (Combined tools)

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Signode VT Series

Combined ATS tools use all kinds of bands. Can be used outdoors.

The ATM – 58 is used for high- strength strapping. Just like ATS , it can be used outdoors.

VFX 9-13 е пневматичен инструмент за вибро спояване и е преназначен за индустриална употреба.Това е най-бързият и ергономичен инструмент в своя клас.Използва ленти с размери от 9mm x 0.4mm до 13mm x 0.9mm

Моделът VFX-9/13 is a pneumatic tool for friction welding and is designed for industrial use. It is the fastest and ergonomic tool in its class. It uses straps ranging from 9mm x 0.4mm to 13mm x 0.9mm

The VFX-9/13 works with all types of straps, using friction welding, thus eliminating the use of seals.

Pneumatic tools VTI-16 and VTI-19 are used in many applications. They are designed for industrial use. Their light weight and the chance to use with one hand make them preferred by clients.

Combined tool AST

снимка на инструмент за чембер Пакин

Combined tool AMT-58

Signode VFX 9-13

снимка на инструмент за чембер Пакин

The Signode VTI 16-19