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Dunnage bags

PACKIN is the exclusive and sole representative of SIGNODE, a leader in the production of metal straps, as well as machines and tools for tying them.



Protective materials

PAKIN is an importer of a wide variety of protective packaging materials.


Inflatable reusable bags are an innovative solution to the problem of strengthening loads. They are available in different sizes depending on the type of container and the size of the load and security levels.

Dunnage bags, or airbags, serve to secure, stabilize and protect goods inside containers. The goal is to protect the cargo during transportation.

Dunnage bags are highly suitable to support goods and to fill gaps between cargo. The dunnage bags are widely used on a daily basis inside trucks, railway wagons and containers. They can be positioned easily and the special vent ensures ease-of-use for shipper and recipient.

Bubble film Packin

снимка на аерофилио

Bubble film roll

снимка на аерофилио Пакин

Paper Angleboards white Packin

снимка на Картонени ъгли Пакин

Paper Angleboards Packin

снимка на Картонени ъгли Пакин

Plastic Angleboards

снимка на Пластмасови защитни ъгли Пакин

Corrugated boards

Кашони от велпапе Пакин


Boxes Packin

Corrugated boxes

снимка на кашони Пакин