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PACKIN is the exclusive and sole representative of SIGNODE, a leader in the production of metal straps, as well as machines and tools for tying them.



Protective materials

PAKIN is an importer of a wide variety of protective packaging materials.

Aero film

Aero film is one of the most commonly used protective materials. It is two layers of glued polyethylene with air bubbles in the middle. Depending on the thickness of the polyethylene and the size of the bubbles, the correct aerofoil is also chosen for your needs.


We offer a wide range of protective corners – cardboard and plastic. The safety corners provide security for chipping and pallet wrapping as well as transport protection. Available in different sizes according to the customer’s requirement.


PACKIN offers a wide range of corrugated cardboard products. We produce boxes in different sizes and styles, as well as printing on them. We also offer different types of corrugated cardboard – three-ply, five-ply and others


Inflatable reusable bags are an innovative solution to the problem of strengthening loads. They are available in different sizes depending on the type of container and the size of the load and security levels.

Dunnage bag

Bubble film Packin

Bubble film roll

Paper Angleboards white Packin

Картонени предпазни ъгли бели Пакин

Paper Angleboards Packin

Plastic Angleboards

Corrugated boards


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Corrugated boxes