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Solvent Tape

Solvent Tape is the best quality tape. It is recommended to be used for external packaging, for reinforcing edges and corners.

Applicable to light, medium and heavy loads, depending on the thickness of the film and the weight of the adhesive.


Features and Benefits of Solvent Tapes:

– It has high adhesion and retaining strength and does not dissipate during use;

– Resistant to acids and alkalis;

– Can withstand short exposure to high temperatures up to 130 degrees;

– Sustainable at low temperatures up to minus 30 degrees. Appropriate at

freeze because it is made from natural rubber-based glue;

– Solvent tape is environmentally friendly – suitable for use on most cartons to be recycled.

PACKIN can offer you a variety of high-quality self-adhesive tapes, for manual and machine applications in different sizes and colours. For more information and assistance on selecting a tape, please contact us specialists.



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