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Метален чембер

Metal straps are necessary for especially responsible applications, where they cannot be replaced with plastic ones. For the packaging of very heavy goods, goods with octopus or for products that are warm before or after packaging.


PACKIN is the exclusive and the only representative of SIGNODE, a leader in the production of metal straps, as well as machines and tools for their binding.

For years, SIGNODE has developed a system for treating the surface of high-quality tapes so that work with tensioning wheel strapping tools can be carried out without problems. The surface of the SIGNODE packaging tapes has special protection against abrasion and notching when tightened.
According to the coating used, the strips are:

ZILAC (zinc-powder lacquered tape)

The zinc-powder coating is applied evenly and adheres firmly to the surface of the tape. Through this special varnishing, the tape achieves maximum corrosion resistance and is closer in quality to galvanized tapes.

Galvanized tape

Zinc-coated metal strips are usually used for longer outdoor storage after use. The surface treatment of SIGNODE steel strips gives them greater corrosion resistance than ordinary coating. A galvanized bath is recommended wherever humid and other climatic effects last longer.

Coating – black

The coating is laid and baked at a high temperature. Laid on both sides and edges, the coating helps for better flow of the tape.

The metal SIGNODE tapes of the PACKIN company that we offer are basically two types Арех® и Маgnus® . They come in different sizes and types to suit your needs. The rounded and cleaned edges of our specialized tapes allow trouble-free operation without risk of injury. The strength of our high-strength tapes meets European and international requirements for transportation and strengthening of loads.

снимка на steel strap пакин

Packaging tapes SIGNODE

are available rolled in rolls in two ways


The tape is wound evenly and tightly
along the entire width of the roll of 63,5 mm.

Inner diameter: around 406 mm

Outer diameter: around 585 mm

Roll weight: around 45 kg

Single layer

Each layer is rolled on top of the previous one. The bandwidth is in
the same time and width of the roll.

Inner diameter: around 406 mm

Outer diameter:varies according to the width of the strip from 595 mm to 685 mm

Roll weight: around 50 kg

снимка на метали Пакин

“Jumbo” rolls

For use in automatic strapping machines, where a constant feed of the tape is required, some sizes of the special versions of Areh and Magnus can be delivered as Large (“Jumbo”) rolls up to 900 kg.


The metal strip can be packaged differently depending on its size and type.
As standard, the straps are wound on coils (rolls), which are arranged on a pallet and covered with cardboard for protection during transportation.

Steel packing tape Арех® for high pressure when strapping

Quality packaging tapes from this brand consist of cold-rolled carbon steel of special quality. The special heat treatment gives the product the special properties that a steel packing tape must have. Therefore, the production of the tape is carried out in very narrow tolerances.

Steel packing tape Маgnus® for particularly high strain and shock loads

The quality packaging tapes of this brand consist of cold-rolled, medium-carbon steel with a high manganese content, which maintains a high level of quality through a special production process through heat treatment. The fine surface and controlled physical properties of cold-rolled quality steel strip are combined with the flexibility and impact resistance of hot-rolled steel strips. The Magnus tape thus retains its excellent impact load properties.

For strapping with metal strips

the most used types of closures are:



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