What should you know about Signode?

Signode is a leading global supplier in the field of industrial packaging, offering packaging machines and materials of the highest quality to companies and businesses from around the world.

Having more than 80 enterprises on 6 continents, and over 7 000 employees, Signode Industrial Group manufactures all kinds of products needed in industrial packaging processes – starting from packaging machines for a huge variety of applications, going through packaging materials and consumables, and reaching software and specialized equipment. In its rich portfolio Signode combines all these items to ensure a sustainable and efficient packaging process. Each of the thousands of products is designed to help safely store and transport a variety of goods around the world.

Signode manufactures packaging tools and machines for packaging all kinds of products and loads. Signode’s portfolio includes all consumables to ensure optimal results with Signode equipment – packing straps (metallic and non-metallic), stretch films, stretch covers and an extremely wide variety of other protective packaging materials. In this way, a wide range of goods can be packed, packaged, grouped, protected and secured during their storage and transportation. Signode is a pioneer in the industrial packaging sector and has many innovations implemented in materials, production processes and automation technologies. Innovations that caused a real revolution in the field of industrial packaging and strengthening of cargo gave Signode a leading role in the sector.

Signode Industrial Group is currently part of Crown Holdings. With the growing demands of modern business, the portfolio of products and services of the brand are being constantly updated. Signode always strives to provide its customers around the world with efficient and safe packaging at an optimal cost.

Which industries can benefit from Signode’s high-quality products?

Signode can provide an optimal overall or partial solution for the specific packaging process for any packaging industry. As an exclusive representative for Bulgaria and an authorized Signode service center for the Balkans, you can always contact our team for more detailed information.

Signode products for metallurgical and metalworking industry – from protective packaging that protect against moisture and corrosion, through a variety of packaging solutions for grouping metal profiles and other items, to products that provide more efficient and safe storage and transportation of your metals. Signode has a a full line of packaging and protective products that will meet the needs of all companies in metallurgy, metal trading and metal-working.

Signode products for the paper industry – most of Signode’s products are the perfect choice for packaging a wide range of paper and corrugated products. They will help to efficiently package your products so that they are kept in excellent condition, as well as to increase the overall efficiency of the packaging process in many sectors of the paper industry.

Signode products for the pharmaceutical industry – Signode offers many types of packaging solutions applicable in the pharmaceutical industry. From equipment, designed to group various medical and pharmaceutical products, to packaging and materials that provide the required temperature for the transportation of medicines.

Signode products for the food industry – Signode effective food solutions include fully stainless steel machines to strengthen boxes and boxes with strapping strips. Thanks to the product line of Signode, you will be able to guarantee packaging of the highest quality and reliability, meeting the strict requirements and regulations in this industry.

Signode products for the textile industry – Signode has a wide range of products and equipment designed to simplify the work processes for packaging and delivery of textile goods. You will eliminate the risks of contamination or damage to your goods and will ensure that they remain in excellent condition throughout the distribution network, if you rely on Signode.

Signode products for the construction industry – Signode has its good offers for the construction industry as well. The extremely flexible solutions for strengthening pallets and loads with non-metallic strap, as well as the super elastic and strong stretch films from Signode will provide your products during handling, transit and storage. The company is also able to offer you solutions that will improve the security of your employees in the performance of their duties.

Signode products for the wood processing industry – wood processing is another industry in which it is necessary to observe a number of national and international standards. Signode’s premium packaging materials would be useful for optimizing production processes, as well as for reliable protection and strengthening of the final products.

Signode products for distribution and logistics centers – Signode definitely has a lot to offer to companies and businesses engaged in logistics and distribution of goods. Starting with packaging materials that allow adequate arrangement and the highest degree of stability of a group of objects, and reaching ones that make it difficult to steal and other ill-willed actions.

Why buy Signode products from PACKIN Ltd ?

PACKIN Ltd. is a company specialized in the import and distribution of machines and consumables for industrial, individual and group packaging. We are official representatives for Bulgaria of the Signode brand, as well as an authorized service center for Signode equipment for the Balkan Peninsula. Here are some good reasons to buy the products you need from this brand from us:

Signode products from PACKIN Ltd.: Professional experience – PACKIN Ltd. has a long professional experience in the field of industrial packaging. This experience allows us to recognize quality packaging products that will really benefit our customers. Here you will find the best and most up-to-date offers from the Signode catalogue, which will help you, improve significantly your efficiency in terms of the packaging process.
Signode products from PACKIN LTD.: Trade network throughout the country – we, from PACKIN Ltd. have built an effective trade network covering the entire territory of the country. No matter in which area or location your company is, you will be able to get Signode products quickly and reliably. In addition, we have a maintenance team that is always available to the customer. The team of PACKIN Ltd. accepts customers as its most valuable partners and does not hesitate to use its experience and qualifications to help them achieve their business goals.

The Signode products offered by PACKIN Ltd.: Service for warranty and post-warranty period – we are especially proud of the professional service for the entire warranty and post-warranty period for the Signode packaging machines purchased by you. Our team is also there for you in case you need spare parts for the appropriate packaging machines, even if they have not been purchased from us. We will provide you with the original parts coming directly from the manufacturer, so that your appliance can work reliably for a long time to come.

Signode products from PACKIN Ltd. – for quality and efficient packaging, leading to higher business results!

What should you know about Signode?
Which industries can benefit from Signode’s high-quality products?
Why buy Signode products from PACKIN Ltd ?